Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sharks, Again

In the car, on the way to the Boston Sports Club pool, Julia was chattering about the upcoming swim championships and her fellow Sharks teammates.  She discussed everything from her freestyle relay team to a butterfly swimmer from a rival team to the best times of herself and her friends, until Madeleine interrupted her with an important question.

MADELEINE: Julia, which Shark is your favorite?
JULIA: You mean, like, which PERSON on the Sharks team is my favorite?

No, Julia.  Not those Sharks.  These Sharks:

Why *wouldn't* Madeleine mean the "Death to Sharks" characters??  We're going to the pool, after all.

JULIA: Deep Blue.  I've already told you that.
MADELEINE: Mine's probably...Gray-Gray. Still.  Who's your second favorite?
JULIA: Gray-Gray.
MADELEINE: Then who?
JULIA: Torpedo.
MADELEINE: Torpedo's probably my least favorite.  I just kind of got TIRED of Torpedo.

I wonder what Torpedo did to turn himself into such a lamer.  

Madeleine, at least, seems to have some use for Orange, despite him not being top of her list.

MADELEINE: Julia, I came up with a new use for Orange!
JULIA: What?
MADELEINE: He has the power to control Halloween.  He can make anything Halloween or Halloween-ish whenever he wants!

Man, with powers like that, I can't even imagine what Gray-Gray must be able to do in order to rank #1!

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