Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Julia has had a whole slew of bizarre dreams lately, and she never fails to tell us all about them, in detail, the following morning.  Among some of the main plots and happenings of her dreams are:

-"I dreamed that my coach from Sharks won the freestyle at A Championships, and they gave him a TREE."

-"I dreamed that there was a kidnapper in the garage, and I told Auntie Shannon, and she put on all this detective gear, and was like, 'let's look around!'  And when we were looking around, the garage was really different, and we thought he was hiding behind all these trash bins and shelves, but we couldn't find him.  And I thought he must be there but he was just breathing really quietly and not moving."

-"I dreamed that someone from my class was on the Natick swim team, and he was being all friendly with the Natick swimmers, and they were, like, hanging out and talking and stuff, and they were making these really weird faces, and we said hi to each other, and he was supposed to be fast, so I wanted to beat him so he could see I could swim faster than him and stuff."

-"There's a Hamilton song called 'Stay Alive,' but in my dream, instead of it being usual, it was about Eliza singing about how much she needs Hamilton to stay alive, and she was doing this really weird dance like stomping around and it was a really weird stage and she was wearing this blue and red and plaid cow-girly dress."

-"I had a dream that I took this Hamilton workshop, and Lin-Manuel Miranda was reading a passage from the book that inspired the musical, and he read, 'The death of Eliza's husband and son Philip was a dilemma.  Yes, dilemma.  That's the word."

So, basically, Julia's dreams are variations on Hamilton, swim team, with the occasional "let's catch a kindapper" romp thrown into the midst.  I wonder what Freud would say this means about her psyche.

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  1. She should write those dreams down in a Dream Diary!