Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Obstacle Course

Madeleine set up an obstacle course in the playroom.  Looks totally safe, right?

Especially this part:

This is frighteningly similar to the "zip line" she and her friend made last year, which attached to the television, and subsequently sent the television crashing onto the playroom floor and broke it.  At least this time it's just a basketball hoop and a vacuum, right?  Erm...maybe we'll just focus on the part with the couch cushions and pillow.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Books on Madeleine's Mind

Madeleine has apparently been brainstorming titles for the newest book she wants to create:

Those all sound like great titles, I have to admit.  I'm especially fond of "Cleopatra (Mane Characters Name) Adventures in Egypt."  There's just something really different and unique about the use of parentheses in the middle of the title that grabs me.

Also, in case you're not 100% sure if "The Five Scottish Stories of Scotland" is a Scottish book, Madeleine has cleared things up at the bottom of her brainstorming:

WEF ("With Each Other Forever) Greek
K ("Katerina") Greek + British + American
TFSSOS ("The Five Scottish Stories of Scotland") Scottish
ACT ("A Christmas Tale") American
AIE ("Adventures in Egypt," though I would argue this should be abbreviated as C(MCN)AIE) Egyptian

What do you think, blog-readers?  Which title intrigues you the most?  Which book should Madeleine begin crafting first??

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Dernkey

Morning conversation with Julia

JULIA: (glimpsing a picture on Ethan's phone) Daddy?  Was that a deer, or a donkey?  Or was it a deer-donkey hybrid.
ETHAN: It was a deer.
JULIA: What would a deer-donkey hybrid be called?
ETHAN: I don't think there's such thing.
JULIA: Why not?!?
ETHAN: Why would somebody want to make a deer-donkey hybrid?
JULIA: Because!
ME: They're not the same species, honey.  I don't think you can make a hybrid.
JULIA: I'm pretty sure they're in the same domain, kingdom and phylum.  They're both mammals.  They both begin with a "d."  They both begin with a "d" AND they don't have an "a" at the end of their name.  They both have two vowels.
ETHAN: Well, honey, it sounds like you've figured out the essential criteria for creating a hybrid.
ME: Yeah, it's just like the fish-horse hybrid.  They're both one syllable and they both have an "h."
JULIA: Wait.  Someone made a fish-horse hybrid?!?!?


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Garden Friends

Madeleine's Christmas present for Nana and Gramps:

The Garden Fairy and the Garden Gnome (aka "Garden Lord")

They even have a back side!:

This weekend we celebrated an early Christmas with Nana and Gramps, so Madeleine got to bestow these lovely creatures on them.

MADELEINE: I think they look BETTER with their mouths CLOSED, but...I thought you'd probably want to be making them TALK, so I decided to draw their mouths OPEN so you can make them talk to each other when you're playing with them.

You can bet your bottom dollar Nana and Gramps are gonna wanna talk these garden friends!  Who wouldn't want to??

Friday, December 8, 2017

A Really Ridiculous "Conversation" About Christmas Lights

Our town has an annual tradition of lighting up the trees at Town Hall Common on the first Saturday of December.  Although the Rowe household has not attended the ceremonial lighting, we enjoy the sight of the famous "Blue Tree" and its other white-lit companions every time we drive by at night.

The Blue Tree

The town also lights another tree with blue lights, in the smaller town center that marks the "Heights" area of town.  This is our neck of the woods, so we see this blue tree much more frequently.  The other evening, as we drove by the Heights Blue tree, the kids got into a conversation that led to the most ridiculous bickering ever.  I will also point out that Madeleine has a compulsion to shout out "Sparklies!" each and every time she spies Christmas lights.  

MADELEINE: Sparklies!  Oh, look, Julia, it's the other Blue Tree!
JULIA: (scathingly) Madeleine.  The Blue Tree is at the Town Hall.  This is NOT the Blue Tree.
ME: Well, she means it's the other blue tree.
JULIA: This one is not CALLED the Blue Tree.
MADELEINE: Well, I'm calling it the "Other Blue Tree."
JULIA: No.  Madeleine.  The Blue Tree is the one that gets lit at the big Blue Tree Lighting.  This one is NOT the Blue Tree.
ME: Julia, just let her call it the Blue Tree.  It's not a big deal.  This one has blue lights too, and they light it the same night as the other one.  They just don't have a big ceremony about lighting this one.
JULIA: Well, I call this one "The Leaning Tower of Trees-a."
ME: I love it!  You're right, it does tilt at the top!
MADELEINE: Yeah, it does!  Okay.  That tree is "The Leaning Tower of Trees-a."
JULIA: (scathingly) Madeleine.  I came up with that name.  You can't call it that.  You're just COPYING me.
ME: Honey, we know you made up the name.  It's okay if Madeleine calls it that.
JULIA: No, it's not.  That's MY name for it.  She's just COPYING me.
MADELEINE: Okay, okay, I'll call it...uh..."Trees-a of Tower Leaning The."
JULIA: No, Madeleine, that's just the same thing back-
MADELEINE: Sparklies!
JULIA: Madeleine-
MADELEINE: Sparklies!  Reflecting lights!
JULIA: Madeleine.  Those are NOT reflecting lights.
MADELEINE: Sparklies!  Reflecting lights that are snowflakes!
JULIA: Madeleine.  You can just say "reflecting lights," you don't  HAVE to say "that are snowflakes."
MADELEINE: Sparklies!  Uh, Julia, uh- Sparklies!
JULIA: Madeleine.  You don't have to say "sparklies" EVERY SINGLE TIME you see Christmas lights.
MADELEINE: Sparklies!  Sparklies!  (spotting our house) Our sparklies!
JULIA: Madeleine.  Why do you always have to say "our sparklies" when we're at our house?

OMG.  Thank goodness we were home.  Madeleine clearly wasn't going to say ANYTHING right in her sister's eyes.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Best Mommy

Snuggling Madeleine at bedtime tonight:

MADELEINE: (chanting to me) You're the best mommy, you're better than all the mommies, you're the best mommy, you're better than all the mommies, you're the better than best mommy, you're the best in the world, I love you the best...(speaking) well, you're on the SAME level as Daddy and Julia and Yiayia and Auntie Shannon and Auntie Caitlyn and Nana and Gramps and Chad and Owen and Dashiell and Emily and Lydia and Ollie and Clara...
ME: Wait.  You don't even love me more than the dogs?!?
ME: (fake sighing) Okayyyy...
MADELEINE: Mommy?  Are you sad?
ME: No.
MADELEINE: I'm sorry I made you sad, Mommy.
ME: I'm not sad, honey, don't worry.
MADELEINE: But you're sad that I don't love you MORE than the other people!
ME: No I'm not.
MADELEINE: Then why did you SAY that?
ME: Well, I was just like, she doesn't love her own mother a little more than her aunt's dog?!?
MADELEINE: (cracking up) You're making it sound really funny!
ME: It is funny.  I was saying "you don't love me more than dogs??" because it was so silly and ridiculous.
MADELEINE: Well Mommy.  It's not that you're not better than dogs.  It's just that those are two GREAT dogs.

Okay, I get it now.

Two GREAT dogs, who are cherished equally as much as me in Madeleine's heart.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fairy Song

When Madeleine wants to sing a made-up song about the fairy she's coloring, not even a slice of pizza is gonna get in her way: